In Latin America and the Caribbean:

45% of houses are part of the housing deficit (IDB, 2022)
1 in 5 people live in slums (CAF, 2022).
161 million people do not have adequate access to safe drinking water (ECLAC, 2022).
50 million people live on a predominantly dirt floor (HPHI).
175 disasters between 2020 and 2022 (UNDRR).

Let’s urgently tackle the housing crisis

The 5th Forum on Housing, Latin America & the Caribbean, is an event organized by Habitat for Humanity with strategic partners, and convened by the Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (UHPH).

Together with governments, private sector, academia, civil sociedad, community leaders and banking, during the forum we want to review the status of housing in the region, pool knowledge and facilitate comprehensive, innovative and scaled solutions adding to the Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda.

In this fifth edition of the forum, we will focus on housing as a necessary tool to address the current climate and social crisis, intensified by an unprecedented pandemic that exacerbated the housing deficit. The 5th Forum on Housing will be held in Bogota from July 31 to August 2, 2023. Colombia’s Ministry of Housing, City, and Territory, and the Bogota Mayor’s Office are Co-hosting the event. It will be free of charge, with limited space, and requires prior registration.


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